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Salt, Charcoal, and Clay… How can these 3 things help our bodies?


There are many natural products found in our environment. Here are 3 natural resources found in mother Earth that can detox your body,  improve overall health functions, and aid in acne break outs.



  1. Himalayan Salts

Himalayan salt is widely known for its mineral content, containing 84 minerals in total. In addition to sodium, Himalayan salt is relatively high in iron, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, potassium and chloride. It also contains traces of boron, fluoride, iodine, zinc, selenium and copper, all of which are necessary for bodily health.

Himalayan salt has been used to help detoxify the body in the form of  spa bath  treatments. Spa baths detoxify the body through osmosis. As the sodium binds the water to the outer layer of your skin, moisture is preserved. Toxins are released from your body, while your skin absorbs the healthy minerals from the sodium into your body.


  • These baths can have the following health benefits
  • Controlling the water levels within the body, regulating them for proper functioning
  • Promoting stable pH balance in the cells, including the brain.
  • Encouraging excellent blood sugar health
  • Aiding in reducing the common signs of aging
  • Promoting cellular hydroelectric energy creation
  • Promoting the increased absorption capacities of food elements within the intestinal tract
  • Aiding vascular health
  • Supporting healthy respiratory function
  • Lowering incidence of sinus problems, and promoting over-all sinus health
  • Reducing cramps
  • Increasing bone strength
  • Naturally promoting healthy sleep patterns
  • Creating a healthy libido
  • Circulator support

Promotes kidney and gall bladder health


  1. Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal has been used for thousands of years, dating as far back as 1550 BC, to treat medical conditions. Because activated charcoal is so absorbent, it is often used to treat individuals who have been poisoned, have overdosed on drugs, have intestinal discomfort, and who are suffering from a wide variety of health problems.

Activated charcoal works because it chemically binds other substances to its surface and can absorb thousands of times its own weight. It also has an incredibly large surface area due to all of its pores – one cubic inch of charcoal has the surface area equivalent to a 150,000 square-foot field.

Because activated charcoal removes toxins, it can help reduce the instances of acne and other skin impurities you might suffer from. It also works wonders for completely removing makeup.


  1. Bentonite Clay

Bentonite comes from the mineral referred to as montmorillonite, which is comprised of microscopic crystals found primarily in volcanic ash.

Bentonite clay once mixed from its powder form with water and then applied to skin constricts the skin. The constriction virtually pushes the impurities out of the skin while also serving as an antibacterial cleansing agent. Once the clay swells, it becomes a porous sponge drawing toxins from the body. This is also how bentonite works in relieving minor abscesses on other parts of the body. To achieve maximum benefits for skin, bentonite clay mask is recommended daily for two weeks once blemishes or abscesses appear and once a week for maintenance of facial care in the absence of blemishes.


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