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2 Things From Your Kitchen To Turn Your Bath Into A Royal Pamper Session


As winter approaches, so does harsh winds and cold weather. These two factors can definitely  take a toll on our skin.

If you happen to suffer from dry skin and are looking for an all natural way to moisturize your skin try a milk and  honey bath. Yes, you heard me correct….milk and honey.

Queen Cleopatra was known for her luxurious baths in donkey’s milk, honey, jasmine oil and rose petals. These ingredients will turn your bath into a luxurious and moisturizing spa experience.

You may not have any royal donkeys to reserve for your bath, but regular milk and powdered milk are great substitutes. Milk contains lactic acid which is a wonderful exfoliant, that moisturizes,promotes collagen growth, and can also help to alleviate acne scars or wrinkles.

Honey, which is also great as moisturizer for hair works just as well for your skin. Honey is a humectant which pulls moisture from the air and onto your skin.

Both work really well together and it’s a great affordable alternative to what can be a costly trip to the spa.


All you need is a quart of milk, a few table spoons of powdered milk, and a few drops of your favorite oils (Lavender oil is great for relaxing after a long day), and your favorite loofah or scrub brush. If you really want to bathe like royalty try adding a few rose petals.

Milk baths are also wonderful for those who suffer from skin rashes or skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema. You can sooth irritated  and itchy skin with a simple milk bath and add tea tree oil and oatmeal for added skin relief.


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