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Am I The Only One Who Still Takes Baths?


After I opened my spa/candle business I realized I am in the minority of people who still takes baths.

A lot of women argue that they don’t have the time to indulge in a spa or bubble bath, or they simply don’t feel like cleaning out the tub.

For me, I indulge in a spa bath or bubble bath once a week. It’s therapeutic, my bath products provide a luxury spa bath, and its the  few times of the week I can relax and pray.

Bathing in ancient times was often times a spiritual ritual or reserved for royalty. Queens such as Cleopatra took luxurious baths. Elegant bath houses were built in ancient Rome, Greece, and Egypt so that the citizens of these ancient civilizations could bathe (until it was later discovered the water was poisoned and the cause of disease.)

Bathing and indulging in pamper baths for me is one thing I look forward to at the end of a long day. I’m a single parent on a budget so trips to the spa are far and few in between, but it is important to me to cherish the temple that God has given me. I  take time out of my day to pamper my body and use my bath time as a meditation and reflection time. 

Krystale Jane’l

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