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Argan Oil vs Coconut Oil




I hope you guys had a happy Thanksgiving!

As you may have read in my previous post Coconut Oil is one of my favorite oils for skin, bath, and hair.  It was brought to my attention a few months ago that Argan oil has similar benefits to coconut oil, but it can be even more beneficial to the skin and hair.

Argan oil or Morrocan Oil, also contains  an abundance of fatty acids which promote skin elasticity, moisture, and repair. It is believed that Argan Oil is made up of about 80% fatty acids.

Argan Oil is a little thicker than Coconut Oil which makes it a great sealant for your hair and after I used it on my natural pressed hair, it seemed to do a better job of combating frizz and adding a really pretty shine. My hair is naturally very fluffy and thick.

Another thing I will say about Argan oil it is harder to find pure Argan oil in beauty stores and it can be quite costly if you are looking for 100% pure Argan oil. I usuall get  a small bottle of  Argan oil from the beauty store. It’s not 100% pure, but it is blended with other wonderful oils that my skin and hair seem to love.

I also found the Cream of Nature Argan Oil products to be very good for my hair. The shampoo which contains no alcohol or parabens is really gentle on my hair and it seems to get my hair very clean. The smell is not very pleasing, but it doesn’t stop the product from being a wonderful shampoo for those who don’t like products containing a lot of chemicals and alcohols. If you are worried about the smell; the leave in conditioner will mask the scent of the shampoo.the smell of the leave in smells sort of like coconuts and it smells really nice..  It leaves my hair smelling amazing and very shiny and healthy looking!



I still use my coconut oil on a regular basis, but I will say I prefer Argan Oil when my hair is straightened, and the Cream of Nature Argan Oil line when I wash my hair. Argan oil seems to work better in lotions or body butters while coconut oil is great for bath bombs, deep conditioning, and daily moisturizing for my natural tresses.

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