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How to Get Through The Winter Blues With Essential Oils




Winter is the time of year for most that make a lot of us dread leaving the house. Flu season, colds, winter aches and pains,  sinus problems, and if you live in a state like I do that has bipolar temperatures; it can take a toll on your body.

Here are a few essential oils that work well in an oil diffuser, homemade epsom salt bath, or you can just dab under your nose that can help with nasal congestion, sinus infection, and soothe the body.

Eucalyptus oil is a wonderful oil that aids in clearing the sinus passages. It maybe a little overpowering, but you can add it to a carrier oil or make a homemade mixture of epsom salt, Pink Himalayan salts, and Dead sea salts for a wonderfully soothing and detox bath that will help clear your nasal passages.

Any citrus oil such as grapefruit, orange, lemon, and lime oil work wonderfully to break down mucus, and the zesty scent can also help to revitalize your body as well. These also work well in bath salts or you can add the oils to an oil diffuser or a few drops to a humidifier. You may also add tea tree oil which is a great antibacterial oil that can prevent and aid with sinus infections.

Last, if you are just wanting a soothing bath to help with achy joints and pains lavender oil and peppermint oil work great! Lavender oil is known for providing aromatherapy relief and helping alleviate stress. Peppermint oil is also great for aches and pains, relieves congestion, and helps to soothe a tired body. (It is also said to aid in hot flash relief for my pre menopausal ladies) .

You can also mix the oils and place them into a roll on bottle and apply under the nose. Dezzertz By Krystale also carries bath salts and roll ons that can help you get through this harsh  winter weather.

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