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What Makes My Company So Special



I have had several people ask me what made me decide to start my own organic skin care business. Skin care and beauty have always been something I a, very passionate about. After deciding to to eat more healthy, I also made the decision that I wanted to find more natural and organic skin care products to match the natural and organic foods I was eating.

Being a single mother, full time student, and working full time didn’t allow me the time or the finances to indulge in spas located around my city. I began researching different treatments that spas provided and doing them myself at home. Over time, organic bath and spa products became my passion. I enjoyed ordering at home spa and bath products and pampering myself.

My bath time became a time of experimentation, fun, relaxation, and therapy. I began to learn more and more about essential oils, aromatherapy, and natural remedies. I also discovered fun and girly bath products such as my cupcake bath bombs found on my website;which  later along with my soy cupcake candles, gave me the idea to title my organic bath and spa company, Dezzertz By Krystale.

My company is like my second child. I have the best vendors who take time to make wonderfully unique products and who have just as much joy as I do providing all natural products that work so well for the skin, I love designing gift boxes and making fun bags for my customers, and the most important thing is I love sharing something that brings so much joy to me with others.

I am deeply humbled by this experience and I am amazed to where God is taking me with this. As a new year approaches and I begin to make my own products; I am looking forward to making my own brand of luxurious products that will include a shower gel line, and other bath goodies.

If I could give someone one piece of advice it will always be to pursue your passion. Your dreams only become reality if you act on them instead of sleeping.



Krystale Jane’l

CEO of Dezzertz By Krystale


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